Rejuvenating Techniques - Facial Acupuncture

The signs of ageing appear firstly on the face. Wrinkles accumulate, getting deeper over time. If you want to look younger, more attractive, without wrinkles - if you want to have fresh and clear face - we recommend applying rejuvenation techniques - the acupuncture applied directly to your face.

It is a set of procedures based on the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine. They release the energy flowing through the body. The body is allowed to create a youthful appearance by promoting the growth of collagen and elastin fibres smoothing out wrinkles.

Although rejuvenation techniques are effective, they cannot remedy the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. They are, however, a very good alternative to plastic surgery and modern chemical products (e.g. Botox, hyaluronic acid) commonly used in the current so-called modern cosmetics.
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Benefits of rejuvenation techniques

  • it is not a surgical intervention
  • no side effects
  • smoothing out of wrinkles
  • deep wrinkles are less noticeable
  • the face gets a youthful appearance
  • the formation of collagen fibres is encouraged
  • pores shrink
  • pigmentation stains are removed
  • also suitable for the treatment of acne

One treatment

takes about 120 minutes. Treated is the face and, in case of need, the hands and feet. During the treatment, the client relaxes peacefully on a bed, feeling comfortable and relaxed. The rejuvenation techniques stimulate the natural energy cycle. After the procedure, the fine lines of the wrinkles are erased, deeper wrinkles are filled up and the deepest wrinkles are reduced. The therapy also reduces stress, relieves headaches and helps eliminate acne.

The number of treatments is individual and depends on the number and depth of wrinkles, age and overall health of the client. 6 treatments are usually sufficient.

It is advisable to start with TCM rejuvenation techniques before the age of 30 and to maintain your skin without wrinkles by regular treatment.
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Dr. Rastislav MlčochTraditional Chinese Medicine Therapist
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