Cupping as a treatment method was very popular among people already in the middle ages or in faraway China. No surprise there, its effects are indisputable.

Cupping eliminates muscle pain, stiffness, detoxifies and at the same time positively affects the function of internal organs.

The procedure of cupping:

Glass cup is moderately warmed and after being put on the skin, it sticks to it through the created suction. This results in the local increase of blood and oxygen flow, the metabolization starts and the regeneration of the damaged tissue occurs. This method is safe and absolutely pain-free. Where the cup was stuck, a local bruise appears, however, this is not dangerous, and it disappears in the course of several days.
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Dr. Rastislav MlčochTraditional Chinese Medicine Therapist
Price list: Cupping
Children´s (up to 10 yrs) entry TCM diagnostic examination (1st examination)
60 min.50 €
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