One of the oldest treatment practices possible to use almost with any health issue. Acupuncture has an extremely positive effect on human health.

With the acupuncture, we stimulate certain areas of the body by injecting special thin needles. These places called active hotspots are linked to internal organs and tissues. In various health problems, diseases, these hotspots become sensitive to pressure, and by irritating them with a puncture, we curatively act on the respective organ and at the same time on the whole body. These points are distributed all over the body on individual meridians - the paths of the energy flow in our bodies. The so-called "clogging" of any of the points causes imbalances in our body and the appearance of health issues. By way of treating these points the energy begins to flow again and the body gets into balance and healing process.
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Dr. Rastislav MlčochTraditional Chinese Medicine Therapist
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