Terapia Cesta je celosvetovo uznávaná metóda určená na liečenie emocionálnych, psychických a fyzických problémov. Jej podstatou je vplyv potlačených emócií na štrukturálne zmeny v bunkách, ktoré vedú k rozvoju zdravotných problémov. Ide najmä o emocionálne nespracované životné udalosti a témy, kritické spomienky, traumy a bolesti z minulosti. Tieto spôsobujú postupne zmeny na bunečnej, tkanivovej a následne i funkčnej a štrukturálnej úrovni v organizme. Sú tiež príčinou nezdravých automatických vzorcov správania uložených v ľudskom podvedomí – našej podprahovej mysli, ktorá je zodpovedná za 90 až 95 percent nášho konania.

Goals of therapy


The goal of therapy is to discover blockages, unhealthy patterns of behaviour and to emotionally experience the unprocessed memories from the past. Consequently, energy blockages are released in the body directly at the cellular level. This simple procedure automatically activates massive healing processes at the physical and mental level.

Revealing hidden potential

The Journey method is highly effective in discovering your own potential. Thanks to the therapy, the clients can discover their values, talents and passions, define their life goals, live a fulfilled and joyful life. It is also suitable for clients facing an important life decision, problems in partnership, family or work relationships, those who feel lonely and unhappy, have financial problems and so on.

It removes phobias, depression, burn-out, unhealthy addictions (including overeating and overweight)

The Journey is extremely effective in working with phobias and depression (including long-term conditions), burn-out conditions and chronic fatigue syndrome. It has a high success rate in the treatment of alcohol, drug and food addictions. This is achieved by directly addressing the emotional root - the very cause of phobia, depression, burn-out syndrome, or unhealthy addiction in general.

Scientific background of the Journey

The Journey is globally recognized and supported by critics as well as doctors. Thanks to its effects, it is an essential part of holistic medicine, because it is based on the principle of the interconnection of body, mind and emotions. It relies on scientific research of cellular memory, which in recent years has brought increasingly important insights into the effects of emotions on the biochemical changes in cells and the development of health issues.

Who is the therapy for?

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have undergone the Journey. It is especially suitable for those who suffer from:
  • Physical and mental problems, especially of a chronic nature
  • Emotional traumas from the past
  • Relationship problems
  • Dissatisfaction with personal and professional life
  • Phobias and behavioural disorders significantly reducing the quality of life
  • Unhealthy automatic patterns of behaviour that cannot be consciously controlled
  • Chronic diseases, including those that modern medicine considers incurable or lifelong
  • Depression, burnout
  • Chronic overweight
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