For her, the physiotherapy is a professional challenge, work and passion, all at the same time. In her practice, she engages in a wide range of physiotherapeutic methods. She has practical experience in soft and mobilization techniques, massages, kinesiotaping and balling.

Experience and education:

  • physiotherapist - Medante
  • physiotherapist - SSS Primula, n.o., FNsP Kramáre, Children's Spa in Luhačovice, National Rehabilitation Center Kováčová
  • study of psychosomatic rehabilitation, therapy of neuro-dynamic disorders, vertebral visceral relationships, McKenzie diagnostics and therapy, SPS, Bach's essential flower therapy
  • Study of TCM (First School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Prague)
  • graduate of classical, sports and lymphatic drainage massage
  • graduate of physiotherapy (Piešťany, SZU Bratislava)
Today I know that every disease has its origin. Do not look for a word of “idiopathic” in my dictionary (meaning for unknown reasons). In my practice, I combine all approaches and thus combine physiotherapy with alternative elements. I think this is one of the main reasons that brought me exactly to Medante.


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