It is not physically possible for a doctor to reserve sufficient time for each patient, explain the link between nutrition and their illness, find deficiencies in their diet, and remove those together with the illness so that their nutrition is an important part of their treatment. This is the job of a nutritionist - a university educated expert in the field of nutrition.

In addition to nutritional counselling, Ivana also lectures nutrition seminars, contributes to scientific and popular science publishing in the field of nutrition. She is a co-author of the following books: Sandwiches for health, Runner and a Spoon, Protect Your Gut

Experience and education:

  • Nutritional counselling - Medante
  • Clinical Nutrition Office of Dr. Igor Bukovský, PhD., Bratislava
  • National Institute of Children´s Diseases, Kramáre, Bratislava
  • internship - World Health Organisation
  • internship - Research Centre - Vienna University, Vienna
  • internship - Special Institute for Preventive Cardiology and Nutrition, Vienna
  • post-graduate study of Preventive medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University, Bratislava
  • university nutrition study graduate, Master of Science in Nutritional Science, Vienna University, Vienna
We decide about our health every day - by what, where and with whom we decide to spend our day and by what we eat and drink during the day. It is very improbable that we will heal without our contribution - without the change of the overall lifestyle, where nutrition plays one of the key roles.


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