University of Economy (Czech Republic) and MBA programme graduate, she spent 15 years working in the corporate field. High pace of work and overall exhaustion resulted in several health issues. 2017 meant a breakthrough and in one moment she needed to decide what she wanted to do in her life onwards. She has accepted the offer and since 2017 has been the executive director and a chief manager of Medante, the Clinic of Health.

She also works at the clinic as a homoeopath. She completed a 4-year study at the Academy of Classic Homeopathy. She has been intensively involved in homoeopathy for over 8 years.

The efficiency of homoeopathy came really shocking to me in many cases and it continues to surprise me to this day.

For me, Medante is a place where the combination of classical and alternative medicine is mixed in such a marvellous cocktail, that is offering the opportunity to help patients with various physical as well as mental difficulties. Every day, we strive to give the best of ourselves to our patients and restore their lost health and happiness.


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