The Journey brought peace to her life, reduced stress and eliminated fears. As an accredited Journey Practitioner, she has been offering her services to Medante clients for several years. She has guided tens of clients through the Journey process, thus allowing them to live better and happier life.

Experience and education:

  • Journey Practitioner - Medante
  • 20-year experience in the field of economy
  • Accredited Journey Practitioner Programme - 2016
  • Professional Coaching Programme - 2016
  • University of Economics, Bratislava, Faculty of Trade
There are various events happening in our lives, tragedies, sadness, failures that we cannot accept, reconcile with, forget, we feel broken, as if we hit the rock bottom, without power. This will subsequently reflect in our health, our immune system weakens, our body hurts, blood pressure soars, first diseases occur. I recommend the Journey to all people dissatisfied with life, the world around us, who feel weak and sick, longing for a change for the better. The Journey offers a way to find peace, joy, love, happiness and last, but not least, health.

The Journey Method

The most effective emotional therapy in the world. Root causes of health issues are directly addressed in each session.

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