Michal founded MEDANTE with the vision to bring people in Slovakia a high-quality aproach within holistic medicine. One that focuses on the root of health problems, on the whole person, not just on suppressing the symptoms.

A graduate of the University of Economics (Bratislava), in the past co-owner of a successful business network in the field of medical technology and medical products active in 26 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The end of highly productive and purely materially oriented phase of life was not long in coming - in 2008 he became ill in a complicated way.

It was on his own healing path when he understood that modern and natural medicine complement each other. Thus, a pragmatic individual focused on material goals gradually gave birth to an open, empathetic and a humble man.

I always believed in myself and yet I got lost. Today I know that 'me' is just an illusion. When the meaningfulness of an activity is driven by deep inner sense of enthusiasm, one has actually no choice. A service to community, I say – gratitude to life itself. Therefore, Medante...


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    ... : 74928/B, both represented by Ing. Michal Andrejco, general director (further reffered to only as „MEDANTE“) ...

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    Our unique treatment plans that produce results. Your treatment follows from the cooperation of our doctors and therapists ... ...

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