In his therapeutic work he engages in acupuncture (including facial acupuncture within rejuvenating techniques), phytotherapy, dietetics and Tuina massages. He completes the trio of TCM therapists at Medante. Since the professionalism is our priority, the TCM therapists at Medante have at the same time completed medical education.

Experience and education:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine therapist - Medante
  • Private vet office - 15 years
  • Vet experience - Ministry of Interior Police Corps - 7 years
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine graduate - Prague
  • University of Veterinary Medicine graduate - Košice
My experience of the alternative medicine success at my veterinary practice guided me to another fully-fledged medicine study in my life – 5-year study of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Prague. Thus, I went back to my family roots and shifted from animal patients to human ones.

Chinese Phytotherapy

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