For her, physiotherapy is a work as well as lifestyle. In her practice, she uses several methods, massages and physical therapy. As a preventive therapy, she uses kinesiotaping. With each client she prefers individual approach and the therapy is designed individually based on their needs.

Experience and education:

  • Dalia Regeneration Centre - massages and exercise for adults.
  • Fyziomama - physiotherapist (counselling and movement centre)
  • Daily Centre Majáčik O.Z. – the rehabilitation of children and youth
  • Renona - children and adult rehabilitation
  • Kinaesthetic mobilization
  • SM - System (I+II, III+IV)
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Classic and sports massage training accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic
  • Inner Alchemy - the school of classic Chinese medicine, Bratislava
  • UCM - Institute of physiotherapy, balneology and treatment rehabilitation in Piešťany, the field of physiotherapy


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