Relax and regenerate at Medante infusion day care centre, headed by Dr. Zuzana Pitoňáková!

We apply the highest quality high-dose vitamin C available on the market - the same as the majority of established medical centres offering infusion therapy - VITAMIN C INJEKTOPAS 7.5g / 50ml.

AKCIA! Infúzna liečba vitamínom C za akciovú cenu 25 EUR

Here you are our special price of €25 for limited period of time!

Vitamin C infusion therapy is more effective than when the same amount is taken orally.

Concentrated vitamin C has many benefits:

  • eliminates viruses and bacteria
  • supports immune system
  • assists with collagen and synovia creation
  • supports the metabolism of fats
  • helps in iron absorption
It is very important in wound healing, inflammation treatment and prevention.

In its concentrated form, Vitamin C also:

  • lowers cholesterol level
  • positively impacts high blood pressure
  • stabilises brain functions and psyche
  • catches all free radicals in the body contributing to cancer

Please read before making an appointment:

If you answer yes to one of the following questions, it is required that you book an appointment with our general practitioner before the administration of infusion. The price of examination €20.
  • In the past I suffered from kidney stones
  • I have a kidney disease/decreased kidney function
  • I use diuretics
  • I have a congenital iron metabolism disorder (haemochromatosis, sideroblastic anaemia, others)
  • I use anticoagulants (medication preventing blood coagulation)
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Vitamin C infusion therapy may be administered on a daily basis in acute conditions or weekly, in chronic conditions, eventually as per recommendation of your physician.

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Extraordinary special offer of €25 per one application, listed price €35.
The number of purchased administrations per person for the current special price is not limited. For the best result it is recommended that you take 5 to 10 Vitamin C infusions.

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The examinations within the offer are to be undergone within 2 months from making the appointment.

We recommend:

SPECIAL OFFERSPECIAL OFFER! Vitamin C infusion treatment for our special price of €25
Relax and regenerate at Medante infusion day care centre, headed by Dr. Zuzana Pitoňáková!