Natural solution instead of Botox - dramatically effective and characteristic of body - acupuncture needles stimulating the creation of own collagen - support the growth of collagen and elastin fibres smoothing the wrinkles. The method used in China for centuries to keep the skin beautiful and free of wrinkles.

Make use of the extraordinary discount of 50% for the Cosmetic acupuncture facial treatment.
  • For visible results, minimum 5 skin treatments are required.
  • One treatment lasts 60 min., depending on the skin condition.
Special price €49 (listed price €90).
If you purchase a pack of 5 treatments - the special price of one treatment is €45 - the price of the pack is €225

The number of purchased procedures per person for the current special price is not limited.

Get the special offer
The procedures included in the offer are to be taken within 2 months from making the appointment.

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SPECIAL OFFERSPECIAL OFFER! Cosmetic acupuncture with an extraordinary discount of 50% or your natural path towards a beautiful skin
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