Pre- and Post-Surgery Rehabilitation


Has your orthopaedist recommended a surgery? Are you going to have a hip, knee, shoulder or other joint surgery? Or are you having a lumbar spine surgery? We will ensure you get a high-quality pre-surgery preparation as well as post-surgery rehabilitation.
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Within the pre-surgery care at Medante we offer:

  • The strengthening of the muscles of the operated joint and the relaxation of the shortened muscles around this joint in order to reduce the recovery time.
  • The practice of the right and the least energetically demanding movement stereotypes for the operated joint to accelerate the range of movement optimisation in the joint after surgery.
  • Practical advice for the post-surgery life

Within the subsequent post-surgery rehabilitation at Medante we offer:

  • The supervision of the exercises learned during the first days after surgery and the practice of new exercises that lead to the improvement of the range of movement in the operated joint.
  • The training of some daily activities (walking and climbing stairs, lifting and carrying loads) and the fastest possible return to working life.
  • Scar care
  • We will help you adjust your lifestyle so that you do not have to have another surgery!
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Bc. Viktória ZvalčákováPhysiotherapist
Price list: Pre- and Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

* Prices applicable to patients of General Health Insurance company. Medante rehabilitation is not a partner with Union nor Dovera HIC.

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