Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape method was developed by Dr. Kenso Kase in the 70s. This method has been diversified, supplemented and perfected in the recent years. It is very popular in the sports field, where it has been used for already several years. The method is based on the application of the cotton elastic tape on the body of a person. The material and the application itself are designed so that they start body´s own healing processes. Elastic tapes provide support and stability to the muscles and joints without any restriction of the range of movement.
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Under the place of tape application, several healing effects take place:

  • increased metabolism accelerating regenerative process
  • the relaxation of muscular tension (de-toning) and the increase of muscular function (toning)
  • analgesic effect
  • reflexive effect - taping into acupressure points
  • the release of stiffness, joint swelling and improvement of joint movability
Flexible elastic tape is waterproof, airy and wearable for a longer time (ideally a seven-day rhythm). Tape is not to be blown-dry after showering or exposed to extreme changes in temperature (sauna). It is advisable to degrease the skin before applying the tape. Men should remove any hair for maximum and optimum tape contact with skin. Standard kinesiotherapy lasts for one month or less and can be very well combined with other rehabilitation techniques.


Tennis/golf elbow; carpal tunnel syndrome; strain, torn muscle; pathology in the area of the shoulder girdle (impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder, arthrosis); headache, cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine pain; groin pain, Achilles tendon; heel spur; plantar fasciitis; knee pathologies (arthrosis, diving knee, the pain in inner, outer longitudinal ligament); pathology of the hip joint; acute sprained ankle; unstable ankle and shoulder; asthma; bunion; menstrual pain; dysfunction of jaw; teeth-grinding; dizziness; scars; snoring.


Antibiotic treatment, acute inflammation, chronic untreatable cancer, acute allergic reaction, thrombophlebitis and thrombosis.
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