Healthy Feet Children

Young age is the most sensitive period for the arch of foot. Many children suffer from flat feet. The experienced physiotherapist will teach your child how to correctly exercise with their leg so that they don´t even realize that they exercise.
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Exercise for children

After your child was diagnosed with flat feet, the regular exercise is an essential part of treatment. If the flat foot remains untreated, issues such as pain in leg when under strain, back pain, headaches and muscular imbalance may later arise. Exercise focuses on strengthening the muscles of the arch of the foot, stabilizing the ankle joints, and improving proprioception. The exercise uses barefoot walking on various uneven surfaces, as well as the aids such as acupressure hedgehog, balls, overball and various small items. Children will also learn to take care of their feet in a playful way at home.

Benefits of exercise at MEDANTE

  • Possibility of individual and group exercises
  • Under the supervision of an experienced physiotherapist
  • Children view the exercise as game and fun
  • Individual approach and advice
Medante specialists
Bc. Viktória ZvalčákováPhysiotherapist
Price list: Healthy Feet Children
Individual exercise aimed at flat feet for the children 6-8 yrs.
30 min.25 €
*22 €
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* Prices applicable to patients of General Health Insurance company. Medante rehabilitation is not a partner with Union nor Dovera HIC.

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