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Do you spend majority of your day in static positions such as long-term standing or sitting position? Do you have a feeling of “wooden” legs while walking? Are your legs in pain, tired and swollen in the evening? It´s the highest time to learn how to take care of your legs and pay attention to them for at least 10 minutes every day.

Who is the rehabilitation plan designed for? For the people suffering from pain with the following diagnoses:
  • Flat feet (lengthwise, crosswise)
  • Achilles tendon
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel spur (confirmed by medical report)
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Do not underestimate prevention

A frequent trigger of the leg pain is incorrect loading of the leg while standing and walking, wrong posture causing incorrect load distribution on legs, injuries.

Medante targeted feet rehabilitation focuses on PREVENTION of ankle instability and functional disorders of foot (flat foot and “fallen”arch, hallux valgus, hammertoes etc.)

The rehabilitation procedure

The physiotherapist at Medante will examine you from a functional perspective so that they discover the weakest part of your musculoskeletal system responsible for the pain in your legs. They will thoroughly examine your feet so that they can target the treatment individually for your needs. Then the therapist exercises with you intensively for 30 minutes. At the feet rehabilitation, they use targeted rehabilitation exercises, teach you how to correctly take care of your feet so that you prevent pain and swelling. The rehabilitation includes appropriate aids and it is complemented by special exercises performed at Allegro 2 reformer - the newest unique device of the Pilates group.


One of the ways the physiotherapist uses working with your feet is Propriofoot. It´s a set of 4 plates, 10x10 cm each, of different colour and base type serving segmental activation, the motor and sensory stimulation of foot and strengthening the ankle joint and foot muscles. The authors of this exercise model are two French physiotherapists with long-term experience in the area of top-level sport.

Thanks to its specific shape, Propriofoot is an ideal aid in prevention of instability and in leg and ankle joint stabilization training. It teaches us to be aware of the work of the rear and front part of the foot by segments, not as one whole. Regular exercise results in muscular strengthening and the activation of the whole lower leg. It increases the movability of the leg joints. It stimulates transverse and longitudinal leg arch. Regular training contributes to the practice of the coordination and co-activation of the lower leg muscles with the torso muscles.
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* Prices applicable to patients of General Health Insurance company. Medante rehabilitation is not a partner with Union nor Dovera HIC.

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