Carpal Tunnel - complex treatment

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects mainly people who systematically or repeatedly overload their arm. It is familiar to those performing hard or stereotypical manual work, e.g. hairdressers, chefs, electricians, painters, belt workers as well office people working behind the computer.

Typically, the first symptom is the feeling of tingling, burning or pain in fingers and hand. The pain usually occurs also at nights, waking you from sleep. Gradually, the sensitivity of your fingers declines. In the last stage, the arm loses the sense and power in fingers. To button up, tie the laces or hold the glass of water becomes a big problem for the patient with untreated carpal tunnel a big problem.

Early stage is still reversible, but the more advanced stage, the more difficult it becomes to treat the condition.

Therefore, do not delay the treatment!
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Is the most frequent faucal syndrome in the upper limb. The tunnel consists of carpal bones and transverse tendon. It manifests itself by paraesthesia (altered sensitivity) of the first three fingers of your hand, firstly in the morning, later also at night and at the more advanced stage also during the day, particularly when lifting your hands. The feeling disappears after having dropped, massaged or shaken the fingers. The trigger of the tingling feeling may be longer significant bending of the wrist upward or also downward and it can deteriorate due to strenuous work with hands. The cause is a hypoperfusion and the pressure on the nervus medianus, passing through the carpal tunnel. The nerve may be pressed by any structure passing through the tunnel, most often by the coarsened tendon of the carpal flexor or some other structure forming the tunnel, e.g. hypertrophy and calcification of the transverse tendon forming the “ceiling” of the tunnel.

Medante treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

Based on the long-term experience in the treatment of this issue and the observation of the rehabilitation and physical therapy outcomes we composed a complex treatment plan. The treatment combines rehabilitation and physical therapy and is designed individually for each patient with regards to the current stage of their problem.

The treatment includes
  • movement treatment that aims at mobilization of carpal joints using soft methods and the instruction of the patient on the suitable exercise
  • physical therapy - Hilteraphy having an analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect and improving the extent of carpal movement.
Treatment is suitable to be complemented by the acupuncture that is very effective in carpal tunnel treatment.
Medante specialists
Bc. Viktória ZvalčákováPhysiotherapist
Price list: Carpal Tunnel - complex treatment
Plan 1 - 5x Carpal tunnel rehabilitation
  • 5 x 30 min. rehabilitation with physiotherapist
  • 5 x Hiltherapy
-285 €
*270 €
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Plan 2 - 5x Carpal tunnel rehabilitation
  • 5 x 30 min. rehabilitation with physiotherapist
  • 5 x Hiltherapy
  • 5 x acupuncture
-410 €
*395 €
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* Prices applicable to patients of General Health Insurance company. Medante rehabilitation is not a partner with Union nor Dovera HIC.

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