Back pain and headaches resulting from sedentary work

Did you know, that during long static stress, such as long sitting or standing, your locomotor apparatus gets overloaded? And did you know, that if you don´t compensate for such a load in a healthy way, your body will let you know by hurting in the area of lower back, hip joints, between shoulder blades or behind the neck? This condition, when you were not born with the pain, but it developed and is connected with the gradual overload of musculoskeletal apparatus, is called functional disorder of musculoskeletal system. These functional disorders usually catenate and you might suffer from dizziness, headaches, elbow, wrist or knee pain.
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The combination of rehabilitation, soft and mobilization techniques is an ideal way how to get rid of unpleasant pain.

Do you suffer from chronic headaches? Did it occur to you that these pains may be caused by blocked cervical spine or one of its parts?

Blocked cervical spine belongs among the most frequent problems in people having sedentary employment. It is manifested by the intensive pain in the area of neck and shoulders. It is usually caused by a daily incorrect sitting, such as all day long spent behind the computer, but also by little accidents or wrong position during sleep, when we wake up with stiff neck, shoulders, which is followed by headache.

Functional disorders usually develop slowly and in a long-term by way of specific overloading. Your body gets slowly used to it and changes, deviates from the neutral position, which manifests itself in time as pain or other discomfort.

At Medante, our goal

is not only to eliminate your pain, but to find its cause and try to eliminate that. In a therapy, we focus on the following:
  • to explain what the cause of your pain is, what happens in your body, when the muscles work in a different way than they should and how can you help yourself to mitigate the negative consequences of sedentary employment.
  • to recommend compensatory exercise suitable for you and teach you to exercise at home as well.
  • to explain how to feel your body, listen to its signals, so that you are able to work on the healing of your condition as well as prevention of vertebral disorders.
We will compose preventive steps so that you don´t feel pain, propose compensatory exercises, suitable relaxation, apply soft and mobilization techniques and in time we will manage to mitigate or eliminate your difficulties.
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