MEDANTE? “The clinic of health – a model for our health care”.
Peter and Eva Ambrózy
After many years of unpleasant experience with other doctors, at the beginning of 2019 me and my wife transferred to the Medante general practitioner, Dr. Zuzana Pitoňáková. Based on our good feeling we had after we had experienced the approach of the medical staff and the doctor herself having helped our 84-year old mummy, even though she wasn´t a registered patient of the clinic, we made our decision.

And after almost a year of Medante health care we can confirm we decided right. Our health issues are handled in a complex manner, viewed from wider perspective, with the goal being not only healing itself, but a discovery and elimination of the root cause. While we make an appointment for a specific hour in advance, with minimum waiting times, in case of an emergency condition the door of the clinic is always open.

The accommodating attitude of the healthcare professionals and doctors towards the patients confirms that MEDANTE, the Clinic of Health, can be rightfully called a “Family-type clinic”.

Overall, we rate this facility with five stars out of five.
From the first day, Medante was a pleasant experience.
Peter Moravik
Already the entry examination with Dr. Pitoňáková indicated that this is not the clinic focused only on the prescription of drugs, but personally cares about patient's condition. I appreciate the expertise, innovative approach, empathy and personal approach I get at each visit. Medante is changing the “rules” in medicine I was used to, and has shown me the importance of prevention, and in particular that you can leave happy and smiling even from a doctor´s office.

On the recommendation of Dr. Pitoňáková, I have also tried homeopathy, which I have only heard about until then, but I had no idea of ​​its versatile effect. Ing. Stanislava Rubická with her analytical approach and combination of several treatment methods brought me finally to the right path.

I can only recommend Medante, because the values ​​it represents are emanating from every person you get in touch with, from the reception to the therapists and doctors themselves.
Back and knee pain is gone
Dušan Remiš
Thanks to Medante clinic, I literally got back on my feet. At the age of 45 I was a candidate for a disability pension. Chronic back and joint pain, especially in my knees, restricted my daily life. Regular doctors wanted to solve my situation with painkillers and recommended that I undergo a knee surgery. I wanted to avoid the surgery and medication didn´t make any sense. I was looking for another way. At Medante, I tried the Journey, homoeopathy, combined it with SM-system exercise, Dorn method, Yoga. I started to change my life, so to say, from scratch. I gave notice at work, started to “deal with” my relationships in my surroundings and to work on my thoughts, feelings, emotions. Gradually, I found out that the state of body reflects the state of soul. Whether someone believes it or not. Now I live as an ordinary person, I do my job, where I usually sit at my PC for several hours, I take long bike trips and I enjoy life. I understand that a disease is not an enemy to fight against, but rather a communication of our body wanting us to change something in our life. Or to realize where we have gone wrong. I haven't won yet, it's an endless process of discovery, but I enjoy life a lot more.
Complex care
Jana Galera Matúšová
I can only recommend Medante clinic. I have used and regularly use many of the procedures and services they provide. The overall attitude is very human, they spend with clients enough time and explain everything so that even a lay person understands it. The fact I also appreciate very much is that individual doctors and therapists communicate with each other and, hence, see the patient from different angles. For example, I complemented TCM diagnostics with the nutritional counselling of Zdenka Havettova, who has set up my meals based on TCM principles and based exactly on my diagnosis within the TCM.
Maximum satisfaction
Katarína Mentelová
An amazing place full of pleasant people giving you confidence and assuring you about the possibilities of solving your problem. Maximum satisfaction! Wide selection of alternatives at one place. Medante can be described by human approach, willingness and a high quality of expertise. Thank you!
It took only 5 minutes and my children competed about who would go to the chair first
Natália Janegová

Today, I went through a dental examination with my two children at the surgery of Dr. Andrejcova and I was enchanted by her and her nurse´s approach towards me and my children!

The doctor is an excellent master of children's psychology; I think I haven´t encountered such a high level of this kind of mastery in any other doctor. It took only 5 minutes and my children competed about who would go to the chair first.

Our previous visit to another facility (also private) was disastrous, accompanied by weeping (without any action taken). So, my heart was in my mouth when I went to try another new clinic.

But my experience today can only be described as a perfect one. I wish all the doctors would treat children so amazingly!!! My kids asked when we were going to the "good lady dentist again".

THANK YOU!!!! We are looking forward to our next visit!

To refer to this team was the best I could do for me and my family
Zora Vypušťáková
Thank you for the amazingly empathetic approach of the Medante team. I have tried the dentist services (Dr. Andrejcová), cosmetic skin treatment (Ms. Žužičová) and homoeopathy (Ing. Rubická). Highly professional work of a dentist convinced me that I was at the right place because I deserved more. I realized that as a patient I deserved the best care, attention and support. All the services I have tried so far have one thing in common: interest in a person, honest effort to help, empathy, kindness, warmth and family atmosphere. Thanks to this I know that if I really need medical interventions, I am not helpless, because I have the right to choose and, at the same time, the responsibility for my own decision. Therefore, my decision to change the dentist, use other services offered by Medante and turn to its team, is the best I could do for myself and my family. Thanks to this decision I know we are in the best hands.
Radial shock wave and Hiltherapy are the absolute top!
Róbert Bereš
For the first time after 20 years I started to have a problem with a calf muscle insertion in the area of Achilles tendon. It is certainly known by many of you. Nothing dramatic, but still an inflammation I have been dealing with for some time already and I know it needs to be treated. If my job did not involve movement, I would take a break and simply heal it with no difficulties. However, I cannot leave the training process for 2-3 months. And the leg cannot regenerate while being strained by a constant movement, however, its treatment cannot be delayed any more.

I decided to go for something that would have a maximum effect. Some time ago, I received various treatments, but the condition of Achilles tendon didn´t improve. It changed after my friends: fitness coach Peťo Hlaváč and the physiotherapist of Slovan hockey team Mišo Nemček referred me to undergo a "radial shock wave" and "Hiltherapy", which they had a good experience of. They are the best of the physical treatment methods in the world. We´ve already had several positive references of these physical treatments, so I tried them at MEDANTE clinic in Bratislava. Until recently, I felt pain not only while running but also walking. After 4 shock wave applications and 6 laser hiltherapies, I haven't experienced any pain during movement yet.

I don´t make any conclusions as yet, because at this stage I have not reached the maximum load. However, I feel a significant shift for the better. Unlike in recent days, I now move with zero pain, which is comfort I haven´t felt for quite some time.

For fitness trainer it is important to be confident about the results of the treatment so he can make a reliable recommendation to their clients and in this case it looks promising. If it keeps being successful, it is likely that I will soon evaluate the treatment as effective. So far, everything goes smoothly. There is a promise to solve several health issues of the top athletes as well as ordinary people.
I feel good at MEDANTE and my experience with the Journey
Adela Vinczeová
MEDANTE clinic is a place where I encounter a willingness to help, not only to cure a physical problem, but also to keep my body and soul healthy in a natural way. My long-time personal experience with some therapists fills me with trust. Medante is a place I refer my friends and acquaintances to. At MEDANTE, I simply feel good.

Each person is different and at a different intersection of their own path. Therefore, there are various ways of self-knowledge and self-healing that are legitimate, because every person resonates with different modality in a particular period.

I have experienced the Journey. I realized that it goes deeply and reveals long suppressed and forgotten stories, whose dusting and "rewriting" is sometimes of enormous importance. I do not currently use the Journey, but I see its great power, practicality and efficiency for thousands of people. I recommended it to many, whom I successfully estimated as suitable “users” for the Journey, and from their feedback I know that it has helped them extremely and changed their lives for the better.
I recommend the Journey to absolutely everyone
Nela Pocisková
My opinion is that everything starts in our “head”. Health issues result from spiritual or mental distress.

The Journey appealed to me a lot; the first session was a life-transforming experience! I realized a lot and keep realizing at work, during relaxation, making order; the things keep coming, it seems I started to be aware of the essence itself. Meaning that I am, I feel, I experience, I have emotions and, mainly, I let them freely pass through. It is not a matter of one day, it is an ongoing discovery of myself. I recommend the Journey to all; however, I firstly need to feel that the person is open to such things. I see the Journey as realization. It is opening to oneself, seeing oneself, working with oneself at the deepest level of realization of everything that is happening in my life.
I finally found a doctor doing her job from the bottom of her heart
Júlia Varjanová
I visit the dentist surgery of Dr. Andrejcová - I finally found a doctor doing her job from the bottom of her heart. She is stickler for what she does, precise, very nice and willing to advise and choose the best treatment. She is patient and willing to answer my questions in detail.

I always look forward to visiting her - and this has never happened to me with the doctors. Anitka, her nurse, is very kind. They both deserve their work to be acknowledged - there is humbleness and incredible honouring of the client. You feel unique and in good hands.
Maximum satisfaction, expertise and especially human attitude
Lucia Žilková
Huge gratitude for yesterday's 2 hour demanding endo treatment with perfect wisdom tooth extraction, to my great surprise with minimal pain, no drugs yet, even at night, only homeopathic, no swelling, I bow down, maximum satisfaction, expertise and especially human attitude and embrace, putting an individual back on their feet.
I would like to share my positive experience with the acupuncture treatment of Dr. Jungová.
Michaela Valachová
For about 8 months I suffered from digestive problems and classical medicine could not help. I knew there was something in my life I was doing wrong and the real problem would be hidden somewhere ("deeper"). Immediately after the first meeting and the first acupuncture the things started to shift, and I felt very relieved. Gradually, I began to realize my life context until my digestion normalized completely and after a month we successfully concluded the treatment of my problem. I saw it as a miracle, since I did not expect such a fast effect. The doctor was very kind and willing to really help, so if necessary, I will visit Medante again and will definitely recommend your services to others.
We have undergone a dental examination and - hats off
Monika Kubová
Today we have undergone a dental examination and - hats off to the doctor and her nurse. Nice, accommodating, smiling, real human attitude ... My son was explained everything in advance. You deserve huge thank you!!! And we can add that we are looking forward to the next visit. You really are superb!
We have been waiting with my wife to choose the right general practitioner for many months and it was worth it!
Miroslav Poul
Despite the fact that diseases bypass us, we wanted to be sure and belong somewhere we are understood and, in case of need, assisted and taken care of. Now, freshly after the entry examination, I am happy we found this place - Medante clinic and Dr. Pitoňáková.

Thank you!
At MEDANTE, you will overcome your fear of dentist
Stanka Plichtová Balašková
I can only recommend. I have already been to Dr. Andrejcová twice and am very satisfied. If you are afraid of dentists, this place is right for you. They will help you overcome it. Thank you very much and I look forward to next meetings.
We are already looking forward to our next appointment!
Peter Paták
I am incredibly positively surprised about today´s intervention - it was fast, performed with a smile and with only a slight pain - as a bee stab. The professional approach of Andy, the dentist, with her helping hand, Anitka, at the surgery painted in purple - simply an experience!
Finally, pleasant experience in our health care!
Petra Štricová
Very willing and nice personnel. Dr. Pitoňáková was very helpful and kind. I´ve only had bad experience with our health care, however, with any other health issue I will definitely contact MEDANTE clinic.
I was very positively surprised to have had 10 teeth extracted really pain free.
Renáta Molnárová
Nice doctor and nurse. Everything was explained to me ahead - what awaits me, whole procedure. I was 200% satisfied.
Gratitude towards the clinic.
Eva Valenteje
I would like to say thank you very much to the clinic´s personnel. High professional level, nice environment and incredible humanity.
I am 100% satisfied.
František Klčo
Dentist office team restores my lost trust not only in medicine, but also in myself.
Miroslav Vašek
After a long search for a dentist, due to my fear, I have finally found a team, where I can surrender to the hands of the professionals. Very nice tandem takes care not only of my teeth, but also of my soul :). They gradually restore my lost trust not only in medicine, but also in myself. Together we will manage. Thank you! :-)
Thank you that you exist!
Ida Pobijak
I fixed my teeth only thanks to you. Professional and very human approach. You are a real TOP among clinics! I would - and I do :) - recommend you to everybody.

Thank you.
It is not just an advertisement on their webpage.
Judita Tomašovičová
In can only recommend the doctor. Her and her nurse´s approach is highly professional. The doctor really tries to approach the patients and their teeth as if she treated herself - it is not just an advertisement on their web page.

Good mood during the treatment is guaranteed. The only negative thing is that the doctor does not have a contract with the insurance companies, so the patient pays for everything.
I haven´t experienced so much empathy so far.
Andrea Barnincová
Today I visited Dr. Andrejcová for the first time and she really got me! I have been through some things; however, I haven´t experienced such amazing approach and so much empathy so far. And I am not talking about her professionalism. Thank you very much.
Relief came already after 5 sessions
Martin Linder
My problem was a heel spur that was treated by shock waves. I can say that I started to feel relief already after 5 sessions. I was very satisfied with the staff as well as the physiotherapist.
Dentist´s kindness and professionalism
Ing. Veronika Sládečková
I would like to thank the dentist and her nurse for a professional and gentle treatment of my teeth, they were professional and kind!

The premises of the Medante surgery are modern and clean.

The interest in patient works magic
Martina Dermišková
At Medante clinic, the premises are very nice, charged with the positive energy, you meet nice, willing and accommodating staff. I am thankful that I can be a patient of Dr. Zuzana Pitoňáková. Together we are patiently looking for a cause of my long-term chronic pain. Her interest in me is encouraging and very calming. I am also grateful to Mr. Milan Durec, whom I visit for a medicinal massage. I can say that each one of his massages is on a high professional level and truly healing. Thank you very much.
My long-term health issues have ended
Ľudmila Trsťanová
I came to the Medante clinic for the first time in the summer of 2018. Today I´m happy I did. My huge thank you goes to Dr. Zuzana Pitoňáková. Thanks to her professionalism, precision and patience, my long-lasting health problems have ended. Thanks to the doctor, my life changed for the better. Thank you and I wish you many satisfied clients.
I am very satisfied with the services of your clinic.
Marta Panáková
I encountered agreeable attitude toward the client, nice environment and personnel. They were always forthcoming while booking the appointment and I am happy about the reminders you send me before my appointment.

The work with Ms. Sýsová is on a very good and professional level and her therapies have helped and continue helping me. Together, we have found the solution to my problems. She is a very good and kind professional passionate about her work she enjoys.
Maximum satisfaction*****
Staff professionalism, their agreeability, you can feel good team atmosphere. Each performance has been discussed with the client prior to its execution, the client is allocated enough time. They don´t work under time pressure. Not overpriced.

In all points - dental personnel, premises - recommended! So far, I haven´t met more professional doctor and the nurse than at Medante.
My experience with Medante, namely with Stanka Rubická, is just the best.
Daniela Bujnová
I have been diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disorder I was treated for. After four years my blood tests were bad again, therefore I decided to try homoeopathy. I was taking homeopathy for the period of 2 months and after 9 months I took the blood tests again. They were good, which was also confirmed by ultrasound. Thus, great satisfaction.

Stanka also treats my two children. Our paediatrician treated everything with antibiotics, regardless the need, she even refused to make a CRP test despite me being willing to pay for it. My daughter was on antibiotics 4 times per year. Homeopathic treatment restarted her immune system, currently she is sick maximum once per year without high temperatures. It lasted almost 2 years until we get there, it required lots of patience and trust, but it was worth it. I didn´t hesitate - with my younger son we changed the paediatrician and preferred homoeopathy. My daughter has been without antibiotics for 5 years, my son for 4.

I need to add that Stanka is not the kind of homoeopath trying to talk you out of medical examination or a doctor visit, if you are not 100% convinced. To the contrary, the examination results of the white medicine (e.g. throat swabs) created a good basis for a targeted homeopathic treatment with fast effect. So, highly recommended!
A person feels good, as if talking to friends
Jozef Honek
Nice personnel. Cosy environment.
A person feels good, as if talking to friends. I take the recommendations and suggestions for the treatment of my health issues as the advice from wiser and expert acquaintances.
Highly recommended.
Aneta Andrušková
After a long time, I encountered a positive attitude of the doctor towards the patient. The physiotherapist was very accommodating, human, she explained everything couple of times, in a detail. Highly recommended.
She literally plays with each tooth.
Daniela Hovorková
I am extraordinarily satisfied with the doctor and the nurse. Absolutely professional attitude. The doctor is thorough, precise and attentive. She literally plays with each tooth or “issue”. Thank you!
I have a feeling I was in heaven with angels, not with doctors
Each woman knows it - menopause - horror - the red is flashing from every cardinal point, every area of a hasty life. This complex diagnosis may be treated only by someone understanding the life of a woman. Not with the approach of treating “another head” ... But with the one towards a woman, mother, wife ... And in particular, human being.

I am amazed by the attitude of MEDANTE clinic - complex, collective, human attitude - they call it HOLISTIC, which should be an inspiration for everyone. I have a feeling I was in heaven with angels, not with doctors.

Thank you Dr. Pitoňáková, thank you MEDANTE, you are doing a great job, sincerely, Vilma - 58-year-old patient
Flat feet need exercise
Janka Durbáková
My problem is associated with flat feet. I am happy I was referred to a rehabilitation workplace at Medante, because my pain has muted considerably and now, after two weeks of rehabilitation, I feel much better. So, with every similar problem I recommend the exercise, even though it looks helplessly.

My big thank you goes to the trainer who exercised with me, she was very kind, patient and I have learned a lot. Thank you.
My problem with acne is already history
Zuzana Dorčíková
My first steps to the clinic are related to the accidental discovery of the offer of deep cleaning posted on a social network and my decision to heal: in the given period I needed to solve my problem with acne. After the first outcome, although painful and not aesthetic, I already decided to use other services offered, namely those of traditional Chinese medicine. After several other cosmetic sessions, acupunctures, taking herbal products and following dietary recommendations, I can say I am highly satisfied, and the result is visible.

The helping hand and advice of Ms. Žužičová as well as Dr. Jungová can only be recommended. The personnel and environment are No.1 as well.
Satisfaction with the attitude of General Practitioner
Renáta Gajdošová
I am satisfied with the attitude as well as with the examination. Thank you - I got to know what I wanted to, because my current doctor was not able to advise.
Highly recommended to everyone.
Monika Kadeková
High satisfaction with the attitude, booking system, communication. Highly recommended to everyone.
At Medante they help you above everything else.
Miriam Filová
I am a patient of the general practitioner at Medante. I am very satisfied with the doctor´s attitude toward me as a patient. She is very kind, accommodating and friendly. She is interested in patient thoroughly.

She solves problems in a professional and effective manner. She doesn´t try to only treat the pain resulting from the problem, but the cause as well. She tries to eliminate the health issue as a whole. She is very empathetic, and you can feel she does her job from her heart. The lady at the reception as also very kind and friendly. I am very satisfied with Medante, I couldn´t choose better.
I will gladly wait for the good results.
Ing. Eva Séčová
I am very satisfied with the services of the MEDANTE clinic, final results will show later, so far it is fine. The staff are extraordinarily accommodating, which I am thankful for.
Fast and professional attitude
Eva Kandríková
Thank you, we were satisfied with the Medante clinic services - fast and professional attitude.
Complete satisfaction
Peter Bédi
Cosy environment, professional attitude of the treating personnel. No waiting time due to bookings for a specific time through the reception. I am very satisfied.
A good doctor is worth travelling to another end of the city!
Ingrid Majeriková
I visited Medante for the first time in the summer of 2018 after a few months of suffering from the so-called tennis elbow, which prevented me to fully engage in work, hobbies and even my favourite activity - sleep :-). Since none of the then therapies had solved my problem, I was looking for an alternative. Right on my first visit to the clinic, I felt at home and that I had friends who cared about me and who would do their utmost to help me. I have undergone a series of shock waves, homoeopathic treatment and acupuncture, and now I can enjoy a fully functional elbow again. After the treatment I had a feeling that I wanted to continue to be a valid member of this great team of experts. Because, at Medante you are not just an ordinary patient - the patient and the doctor are one team who walk together to the desired goal. The closest co-worker in improving and protecting my health was Dr. Pitoňáková, an empathetic, friendly doctor who, based on my experience so far, I certainly recommend to all future patients. And although the clinic is a bit “off the beaten path”, it is certainly true that a good doctor is worth travelling to the other end of the city.
A-complex-approach-to-a-person package is completed with a smile
Barbara Plachá
I have chosen MEDANTE and specially Dr. Pitoňáková, a general practitioner, due to the promise of holistic attitude towards people. And I was nicely surprised. Since my first visit I have been encountering complete service full of willingness, professionalism and smile - from the reception with Ms. Šuranová to the general practitioner´s office.

Thank you. Thank you for your support!

Last but not least, I appreciate a perfect management team – an expeditious appointment as well as its observance. I recommend the MEDANTE clinic to others as well.
Back pain and walking problems are on decline
JUDr. Dušan Šramko
Due to long-lasting back pain and walking problems I visited MEDANTE where I encountered kind, accommodating and helpful staff. After a medical examination, I am taken care of by Lucia, a physiotherapist, who exercises with me patiently, explains how to perform exercises and draws my attention to errors in exercising. Her consistency and indisputable expertise are already manifesting themselves in the first signs of improvement, which nobody succeeded in during one and a half years!

I recommend MEDANTE facility!
Nice surprise in health care
Ing. Eva Gécová
I am very satisfied with the services of MEDANTE clinic, final results will come later, so far it is fine. The staff are extraordinarily accommodating, which I am thankful for.
Very nice people - you are superb!
Ingrid Néveová
You are very nice and smiling here. Please, stay like that. You have a super thorough professional approach towards clients. Thank you, you are amazing!
Huge satisfaction with physiotherapy
Terézia Trnková
I recommend this facility, professional attitude, very agreeable personnel and, especially, the physiotherapy with Mgr. Lucia Kyselová.
Transfer to your clinic was absolutely the best decision
Jana Čangová
I transferred to your clinic in September 2018 and it was absolutely the best decision. I highly and from all perspectives appreciate all I underwent together with human approach. Thank you for your care in my age (70). When health issues appeared in my life, believe me, I know how to appreciate that.
I was very satisfied with rehabilitation exercise
Štefan Šolik
Thanks to the efforts of the amazing people at Medante, my medical condition changed in two months to such an extent that I don´t need to undergo another surgery and I could finally return to work.
Veronika Takáčová
In October 2018 I suffered a severe fracture of shoulder and radial bone in the elbow area. I underwent a surgery and the result was 10 screws and a 20 cm scar. I went through two rounds of rehabilitation I was entitled to within my health insurance policy and, at the same time, I paid for private rehabilitations in another rehabilitation centre.

At the end of February 2019, I went to a check-up and the doctor told me that if I wasn´t able to move my hand more in 2 months, I would have had to undergo another surgery.

Desperate, I was looking for a new rehabilitation centre and Medante came into my hands. Here I underwent 20 complex hours with a physiotherapist, several acupuncture sessions and a scar massage.

Thanks to the efforts of amazing people at Medante, my condition improved in 2 months so much that I don´t have to undergo another surgery and I could finally get back to work.

My gratitude goes especially to Lucia, the physiotherapist. She is a person who takes her work not only as a duty but a mission. The rehabilitation with her was not only a mandatory ride, her hands and attitude do miracles. My condition improved after each session spent with her and for this I am really thankful.

The team of people at Medante talk to each other and really try to help. You don't feel like just another person in the line.

Thank you very much to the whole team of people who worked with me, namely to the physiotherapists Lucka, Viki and Ivka, to Dr. Mlčoch for acupuncture, which was also followed by incredible changes and to a massage therapist, Mr. Durec for a special scar massage and overall relaxation. And of course, the girls at the reception for their forthcoming attitude and smile. I wish you many happy clients and I highly recommend you.
Today, I can run again
Zdeněk Štěpánek
Thank you to all staff for very human approach. The ladies at the reception radiated positive energy and willingly searched for suitable rehabilitation appointments. After this experience I told myself that it is just worth to register with the clinic. Thank you! The physiotherapists helped me with my Achilles tendon very fast and contributed to my ability to run again.
I feel better and while walking, the pain is usually absent
JUDr. Dušan Šramko
In June 2019, I was at a repeated spine MRI and the doctor compared the result of the examination with the MRI result from June 2018. He confirmed moderate improvement, which is a huge success with my damaged spine. I feel better and while walking, the pain is usually absent. And all this thanks to Lucia, the physiotherapist, who exercised with me for several months and applied other, also instrumental techniques. I am grateful to her; she is a gem! I definitely recommend Medante - they will help you!
Please share your experience with us.