Ultrasound - ultrasonography

Ultrasonotherapy is based on the therapeutic use of longitudinal wave mechanical energy with a frequency above 0.8 MHz, currently practically 1.0-3.0 MHz. Ultrasound is a longitudinal undulation of a material environment with a frequency above 20,000 Hz. This longitudinal undulation is able to pass well through deeply to the soft tissues and to be absorbed differently depending on the absorption coefficient.
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Ultrasound effects:

The direct myorelaxant effect is produced mainly due to micro massage. The risk of thermal damage to muscle cells that are chronically hypertonic is minimal.
Anti-oedematous effect against swelling
Indirect trophotropic effect - improves blood circulation in the area

Duration of application: 3-10 mins

Frequency of procedures:

In acute conditions daily, in the chronic 3 times a week, the total number of procedures 5-7. After the first procedure, the initial symptoms may worsen for several hours, which is usually favourable from the prognostic perspective. Conversely, the pain occurring during the application is the reason for the immediate termination of the procedure.


  • All forms of osteoarthritis
  • Inflammatory diseases of the joints, mainly with restricted mobility due to swelling and the formation of fibrous tissues
  • Myalgia, lumbago
  • Periarthritis, bursitis, epicondylitis
  • Ischialgia, herniated disc
  • Acute and chronic rheumatism
  • Dupuytren contracture
  • Sudek syndrome, neuralgia, neuritis


  • Parenchymatous organs - liver, spleen, brain
  • Ovaries, testicles
  • Pulmonary emphysema - when applied to the chest
  • Bony protuberance close to the surface
  • Peripheral nerves close to the surface
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