Hiltherapy® is a ground-breaking therapeutic method using highly intensive HILT impulses. Laser impulses penetrate into the deepest layers of muscles and bones without damaging the surface tissues. Their high effect is recommended in the treatment of painful pathologies affecting joint and muscular apparatus. They have bio-stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect.
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The basis of Hiltherapy® is a high intensity of HILT laser radiation penetrating deeply into muscle and bone tissues without damaging the surface skin layer. No other currently available laser technology worldwide achieves similar results. It is ideal to treat painful illnesses affecting muscular and locomotor apparatus from its superficial to the deepest zones.

Laser system working with HILT impulse helps to improve medical complications within the short period of time. Hiltherapy® achieves very high values (1-3 kW) with Nd: the source of YAG pulse. It guarantees the elimination of the inflammation of internal tissues, which, at the same time, strengthens and stimulates. During therapy, the tissues become warm, the muscles relax, and the pain is eliminated for a long time. Hiltherapy® is effective in the treatment of arthrosis as well as post-traumatic pathologies. It activates lymphatic drainage and microcirculation.

HILT pulse allows for a photomechanical kind of effect. The power of this effect is in direct proportion to the laser intensity and in indirect proportion to the pulse duration. It produces important therapeutic effects due to its short pulse duration and very high intensity. It activates a series of biological signals that support healing and regenerative processes in tissues.

Hiltherapy is popular

Hiltherapy® is also popular with professional athletes, because it eliminates tendonitis quickly and effectively, helps with sprains and the rehabilitation after injuries. It activates the metabolic processes in tissues affecting faster regeneration.

Thanks to HILT impulses, the patient can achieve long-term positive effects in the treatment of painful and inflammatory diseases. Hiltherapy® is the most modern and effective solution for the treatment of painful diseases of internal tissues. It improves health and thus contributes to the quality of life. It effectively removes painful symptoms and joint mobility problems. Considerable results are apparent already after the first application and the patient is experiencing significant relief. The intensity and energy impact of the HILT impulse have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oedema effects that greatly promote tissue recovery and regeneration.

Hiltherapy® returns to patients the joy of a full and active pain-free life.

Service description:

Hiltherapy® is a breakthrough therapeutic method that guarantees immediate results in pain relief and deep muscle relaxation. After the first application, it has strong anti-inflammatory and drainage effects. The movement function that the patient has had problems with since injury, surgery or fracture, is treated quickly and efficiently.
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