Combined Therapy

Combined therapy (CT) is the simultaneous application of ultrasound and contact electrotherapy. CT is currently the most effective method of physical therapy for detecting and removing reflex changes in muscle (trigger points). Moreover, it is able to objectify these reflex changes and their disappearance after manual, often very remote procedure.

The main effects include a special myorelaxant effect, targeting the currently most irritating fibres under the place of application. The parameters of the procedure are set according to whether we are going to treat the superficial or deep muscle of the body.

Duration of application - 1 minute per the trigger point found
Number of sessions - depends on the response to the procedure, but ranges from 2-5.
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  • Parenchymatous organs - liver, spleen, brain
  • Ovaries, testicles
  • Pulmonary emphysema - when applied to the chest
  • Bony protuberance close to the surface
  • Peripheral nerves close to the surface
Medante specialists
Bc. Viktória ZvalčákováPhysiotherapist
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* Prices applicable to patients of General Health Insurance company. Medante rehabilitation is not a partner with Union nor Dovera HIC.

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