Complex rehabilitation at Medante also includes a state-of-the-art physical therapy. Physical therapy uses stimuli through devices developed for this purpose.

In the physical therapy we use the most modern physical therapies (hiltherapy, magnetic therapy, electrotherapy, shock wave).

Our physiotherapists choose the treatment procedure individually according to the needs and condition of each client and with respect to the neurophysiological principles of the human body and movement.

They view a person as a whole and don´t focus only on the individual parts of the body (shoulder joint, knee, cervical spine ...), in which the problem seemingly manifested itself. Human movement is controlled by the central nervous system. The brain, however, does not control individual muscles doing the movement, but whole movement patterns. Therefore, they always search for the real cause of the problem and then focus on the most appropriate therapy.
Machine assisted physiotherapy services
Magnetic Therapy
Radial Shock Wave
Ultrasound - ultrasonography
Combined Therapy
Oxygen Therapy

MEDANTE rehabilitation and physiotherapy partner with General Health Insurance company.

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