Orthopaedic examination

The basis of an orthopaedic examination lies in the prevention, diagnosis and assessment of the current health condition of the entire musculoskeletal system followed by the determination of health problems, the discovery of their causes and the selection of the appropriate treatment method. The examination shall also assess the condition of musculoskeletal system after diseases and injuries incurred and helps to identify the musculoskeletal disorders that may lead to painful conditions in the future.
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Medante specialists
MUDr. Martina Frištáková, PhD.Orthopaedist
Dr. Zuzana Varínska ReinerRehabilitation doctor
Price list: Orthopaedic examination
Consultation - healthy physical development of the child
30 min.35 €
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* Prices applicable to patients of General Health Insurance company and Union HIC. Medante orthoapedics is not a partner with Dovera HIC.

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