Healthy physical development of child

Are you observing your child having a musculoskeletal problem?

Do you want to care about physical and locomotor development of your baby?

Come and consult with Dr. Martina Frištáková, a recognized specialist in the field.

A healthy medical development of your child is essential to ensure a high quality and healthy adult life. Even a little deviation or incorrect movement stereotypes can result in medical problems in the future. If your child seems to be moving incorrectly or you would like to preventively make sure that all is well, come and consult with a renowned specialist.
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Who is the consultation for?

The consultation on healthy locomotor/physical development of your child is intended for the parents of new-borns, little and adolescent children, who would like to consult with a high quality orthopaedist.

What will you find out during the consultation?

During the consultation you will get the answers to your questions regarding the locomotor/physical development of your child. The doctor will provide you with a direct and professional answer to the current problems of your children, such as:
  • Do I need to use a wide diaper?
  • What child carriers are suitable and from what time?
  • What shoes my child needs, if they walk and run?
  • What to do if their toes are crossed?
  • If my child has flat feet or scoliosis?
  • Why do they slouch?
  • How should a school bag be fixed correctly?
  • What kind of mattress is suitable?
  • What sports are suitable for my child with scoliosis, hypermobility or flat feet or, on the contrary, really inappropriate?
  • Is it necessary to preventively use bandage or orthosis while sporting?
  • What is the optimum movement regime for different ages?
  • How to prevent or discover incorrect movement regimes during their growth and development that could result in the later musculoskeletal system problems?

Why is the consultation important?

Many of the developing health issues may escape the attention of parents or are caused by ignorance. The goal of consultation is to educate the parents to appropriately accompany their child in the right locomotor and physical development. The consultation will help you discover incorrect development, movement stereotypes and health locomotor issues in its beginning. Therefore, the consultation on healthy locomotor/physical development of a child is particularly important from the perspective of prevention.

Benefits of consultation

  • Individual approach
  • Health issues prevention
  • Answers from a qualified doctor
  • Recommendations for appropriate exercise, treatment and therapeutic procedures
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MUDr. Martina Frištáková, PhD.Orthopaedist
Dr. Zuzana Varínska ReinerRehabilitation doctor
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