FORMETRIC 4D ultra-modern spine examination free from radiation

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Poor posture, scoliosis and changes in the geometric position of the spine and pelvis begin long before the first discomfort and painful blockages occur. Diagnostic imaging of the mutual position of spine segments at all three levels is the first condition for successful rehabilitation.

FORMETRIC 4D represents the most modern examination in this area suitable for every age, fast, painless, without irradiation of the body and with no contraindications. The device can model the spine and posture in a static as well as dynamic positions when walking on a special walking belt.
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Special digital camera

captures a large number of points from the surface of the spine, at which an optical raster image is created by the source of light. The resulting effect is a real representation of the torso relief, capturing even the smallest asymmetry and revealing any variation in the geometry of spine and pelvis. This is followed by immediate digital processing by means of computer triangulation. Mathematical correlation model then provides a graphical 3D reconstruction of the position of the entire spine from the rear, side and also in axial representation

FORMETRIC 4D provides a doctor

with over 50 parameters and all information required to build an optimal rehabilitation plan. At the same time, the patient can see their spine in a static image and especially in motion, that is, in a dynamic depiction, which is not possible with other technologies currently available in the field. Repeated examinations can also compare the effect of conservative orthopaedic and rehabilitation treatments.
Medante specialists
MUDr. Martina Frištáková, PhD.Orthopaedist
Dr. Zuzana Varínska ReinerRehabilitation doctor
Price list: FORMETRIC 4D ultra-modern spine examination free from radiation
Orthopaedic / rehabilitation examination + Formetric 4D
45 min.70 €
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