Diagnosis of spinal scoliosis in children WITHOUT IRRADIATION using FORMETRIC 4D

The only workplace in Bratislava, where your child's spine is professionally examined by a physiotherapist - a specialist in children´s diagnostics, using FORMETRIC 4D device.

FORMETRIC 4D represents the most modern examination method available on the market.
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It is fast, pain-free, without irradiation and contraindications.

The device can model the spine and posture in a static as well as dynamic positions when walking on a special walking belt.

Incorrect posture and scoliosis begin long before the first discomfort, headaches and lower back pain appear. It is a consequence of birth defects and asymmetries arising at an early age.

Non-physiological changes are not noticeable in pre-school and early school age and may pass unnoticed. During puberty, a sharp deterioration and progression of erroneous posture and scoliotic curve occur frequently. At the age of 13, the child becomes adolescent and with passing years, due to age, both the curve and the patient become increasingly difficult to treat (e.g. inconvenience associated with wearing a corset, shyness). For successful treatment, the development of the curve needs to be monitored as soon as possible. Likewise, a child is easier to undergo treatment if accustomed to it from an early age.

The examination is suitable for children from 5 years of age. The treatment is ideal to start at the age of 12.

Ultra-modern Formetric 4D examination benefits:

  • Immediate result
  • No radiation
  • Possibility to monitor the progress of the spinal curve, risk free
  • Imaging of whole spine from C7 - L5 in 4D, anterior-posterior and lateral-lateral level
  • In a static and dynamic (walking) position
  • No contraindications - osteosynthetic material, thyroid disorders, oncological conditions etc. (e.g. without risk of testicular irradiation, suitable for pregnant women)

Suitable for paediatric patients:

  • observed in the infant period for torticollis, plagiocephaly, dyscrania, oblique pelvis, IPA, infantile scoliosis
  • top athletes, e.g.: gymnastics, athletics, ballet
  • in asymmetric sports: tennis, table tennis, hockey, golf
  • in kyphosis-promoting sports, i.e. rounded back: rowing, canoeing, cycling, motocross, boxing
  • in sports with the risk of falling, such as: horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding, football, hockey
  • for those playing musical instruments, such as: guitar, violoncello, double bass, drums, accordion, violin
  • with rapid growth acceleration
  • with incorrect posture (rounded back, bending in the lower back area, severe condition of flat feet, hypermobile syndrome)
Suitable for pregnant women as well.

Risks of untreated scoliosis:

  • frequent respiratory infections, risk of bronchitis, pneumonia
  • breathing difficulties
  • squeezed heart
  • premature arthritis of the vertebrae

Medante specialists
Dr. Zuzana Varínska ReinerRehabilitation doctor
Price list: Diagnosis of spinal scoliosis in children WITHOUT IRRADIATION using FORMETRIC 4D
Diagnosis of spinal scoliosis in children, rehabilitation examination + FORMETRIC 4D
45 min.60 €
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