Currently, more and more people complain about painful spine and musculoskeletal conditions, which can be caused by various factors. The basis of each treatment is the identification of the causes of health problems and their elimination.
Orthopaedic services
Orthopaedic examination
FORMETRIC 4D ultra-modern spine examination free from radiation
Diagnosis of spinal scoliosis in children WITHOUT IRRADIATION using FORMETRIC 4D
Healthy physical development of child
Sonographic examination of hip joints in new-borns
Collagen injections for musculoskeletal pain
Treatment of osteoarthritis with hyaluronic acid

MEDANTE orthopaedics and physiotherapy partner with General Health Insurance company.

Children are wonderful patients, especially because of their strong will to heal. And that is why I do everything possible to make them again “just children” and not patients.
MUDr. Martina Frištáková, PhD.
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