Nutritional counselling, dietetics or, in other words, healthy eating. This is a service we call Nutritional counselling. If you want to live healthy, eat healthy, permanently lose weight, strengthen your immune system, nutritional counselling is the right thing for you!

At MEDANTE, our specialist will consult with you your current health condition, lifestyle and eating habits in detail. Using TANITA analyser, you will get your body composition diagnostics - water content, visceral fat content, muscle mass and fat . Afterwards, we will prepare for you a tailor-made professional meal program, individual practical recommendations for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

What you will find here:

  • a professional approach from a healthcare professional
  • individual approach with sufficient time for each client
  • comprehensive nutritional counselling that does not offer food supplements or other special products, but presents a unique tailor-made meal program just for you

Body Analysis with Tanita Personal Scales

The Tanita BC 1000 personal scales with body analysis is an innovative solution where the measured values ​​are transmitted automatically to a computer via wireless technology. The product is intended for nutritional consultants, personal trainers, etc.
Medante specialists
Ivana Kachútová, MScNutritionist, Nutritional Counsellor
Bc. Zdenka HavettováNutritional Counsellor
Price list: Nutritional Counselling
Entry consultation + diagnostics with TANITA + dietary recommendations
60 min.70 €
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Entry consultation + diagnostics with TANITA
+ dietary recommendations
+ tailored dietary plan for 1 month
60 min.89 €
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