Predstavujeme náš lekársky tím terapeutov Tradičnej čínskej medicíny

Since the opening of the clinic in June 2013, we have helped over 2,500 clients at the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) department.

Today, at MEDANTE we have four extraordinary doctors. Not only did they completed medical universities in various fields, but after several years of practice in their field they have extended their knowledge by traditional Chinese medicine, which they devoted further years of study to, while they continue in their education.

TCM has no principal restrictions as to the health issues spectrum it successfully treats. Some issues are being resolved fast and “miraculously”, others require patient attitude of several months and cooperation.

At Medante, TCM most frequently helps with:

  • gynaecological issues
  • respiratory,
  • digestive and
  • musculoskeletal apparatus diseases,
  • skin eczema therapy

It´s also outstanding in:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • immunology
  • allergology and
  • neurology.
We also have fantastic results in paediatrics, be it frequent infectious diseases or chronic health issues.

Here you are - meet our individual doctors, accredited TCM therapists:
Dr. Rastislav MlčochTraditional Chinese Medicine Therapist

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