Administering infusions in various health related issues.

Administering infusions in an outpatient way is an effective and comfortable way of treating diseases. For many patients, this alternative is more acceptable and suitable to infusion treatment at the hospital.

The number of infusions depends on the doctor´s suggestion - usually 2 to 10. One infusion per day. The duration of the infusion administration is approximately 50 min.

Most frequently indicated at the following conditions:
  • Acute and chronic musculoskeletal apparatus diseases - joints and spine.
  • Burnout
  • Vertigo
The infusion treatment is either recommended by the doctor at our clinic or other health care facility.

Infusion price: €20 per one administration including infusion
Infusion administration of Vitamin C: €35

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If you are not registered with our clinic and you don´t have a referral for infusions from your physician, you need to book an Emergency examination of 30 mins, where the infusion treatment will be administered. The price of emergency examination is €20.

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