Would you like to undergo preventive health check-up, but are discouraged by long waiting time, insufficient time allocated for you or both?

We have a solution for you!

At Medante, you will get a standard preventive check-up, laboratory tests included, with no waiting, above-standard attitude and sufficient time allocated for you.

The service is not conditional on the registration at the general practitioner´s office. It is designed for all clients caring for their health.  Duration of 45 min, price €89. 

Preventive check-up

  • blood sampling, 
  • questionnaire concerning your health condition,
  • discussion with the doctor and analysis of your results,
  • physical examination,
  • ECG as necessary,
  • evaluation of your health condition,
  • proposal of supplementary examinations and 
  • in case of existing or impending health issues, proposition of the next steps. 

Laboratory tests include:

Examination of basic parameters that may indicate the following:
  • glucose metabolism disorder,
  • kidney disorder (urea, creatinine, chemical testing of urine and uric sediment),
  • liver disorder (bilirubin, ALT)
  • lipid metabolism disorder (cholesterol, triacylglycerols, LDL and HDL cholesterol) and
  • thyroid disorder (TSH, free T4 fraction).
Naturally, the examination includes blood count screening. 

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