Looking for an experienced, contemporary and communicative general practitioner for adults in Bratislava who loves her life - shocking, right ?! - and that is why she loves her work?!

We offer you the possibility to stop your search!

Although none of us wants to go to the doctor, Dr. Zuzana Pitoňáková will always be a pleasure to talk to!

Here you are, read below and familiarise yourself with our extraordinary approach and a year round plan of the general practitioner worth € 129!

Each new client automatically receives a BONUS worth €175 for free: Once per year, an ultra-modern spine examination without irradiation - not to be found at any other clinic in Slovakia! + once per year Tanita personal scales body analysis + 30 minute medical coaching!

Who are we?

MEDANTE – a private clinic with holistic approach to health, in Vrakuňa, Bratislava, since 2013. Here, the modern and alternative medicine do not senselessly fight each other, on the contrary, they complement each other. The team consists of doctors, physiotherapists as well as the therapists of traditional medical modalities.

Our philosophy:

  • quality, not quantity
  • human and professional attitude
  • sufficient time allocated for our patients
  • MEDANTE standards are premium services and comfort

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