Anti-cellulite medicinal massages

Cellulite affects women, regardless of age and whether they are slim or obese. According to recent surveys, cellulite affects more than 80% of women.

Its development is supported by several factors such as lack of exercise and poor diet, hormonal imbalance, water retention in the body, insufficient lymphatic circulation. Its manifestations are initially mild, later manifested by the enlargement of adipose tissue, especially on the lower limbs - the so-called “orange skin”, skin irregularities, swelling.
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Affected areas

  • Lower limbs - inner and outer thighs
  • Bottom
  • Belly
  • Back part of arms

Why it is important to not ignore cellulite

Tissues that are inundated with toxins and cannot be eliminated by our lymphatic system are poorly nourished and, if the skin care is neglected, changes become irreversible.

Aides in the fight with cellulite

  • Healthy diet
  • Sufficient physical activity
  • Exercise
  • Sauna
  • Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite medicinal massage

Effective technique based on the principles of lymphatic system drainage. Targeted use with cellulite, obesity and body shaping. Using gentle soft techniques, it focuses on the lower limbs - thighs, bottom and belly.
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