Vitamin C - infusion treatment

Vitamin C, known also as ascorbic acid, has a significant influence on the health of an individual. It is a strong antioxidant - it catches all harmful free radicals in our body. Human body is not capable of creating Vitamin C, therefore it is dependent on its external intake.

It plays an important role in the prevention of many diseases. It supports immune system, assists in the collagen and synovia creation, fat metabolising, iron absorption. It is very important in wound healing, inflammation treatment and prevention. It lowers cholesterol, it is beneficial for the high-pressure conditions, stabilizes brain functions and catches all free radicals contributing to the creation of oncological diseases in the body.
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The increased intake of vitamin C is recommended for:

  • acute and chronic inflammations
  • respiratory infections
  • treatment of herpes
  • treatment of rheumatic and degenerative joint diseases, spine
  • autoimmune diseases and allergies
  • oncological diseases, especially in the period of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • chronic fatigue
  • mental exhaustion
  • before and after surgeries
  • in the period of recovery
  • iron deficiency anaemia
  • atherosclerosis
  • high blood pressure

Vitamin C infusion treatment

Recommended daily dose of vitamin C for a healthy person is 100 mg. In stressful periods or when coping with a medical condition, the daily dose must be much higher.

Vitamin C is being absorbed into blood in the small intestines and the maximum daily dose having healthy intestinal mucosa is 200 mg. Hence, with 1000 mg of a classic vitamin C in oral form (without sequential release), 80% gets simply discharged from the body with having no effect.

Infusion administration ensures high level of vitamin C in blood.

The infusion treatment is applied to treat vitamin C deficiency or its higher need as its most effective form.

A precondition for the infusion administration of vitamin C is healthy kidneys.

Infusion administration of Vitamin C: €35/ 1 application
Duration of one administration: 30 - 45 mins
Medante specialists
Dr. Zuzana PitoňákováGeneral Practitioner
Price list: Vitamin C - infusion treatment
Vitamin C - infusion treatment
4x Vitamin C Infusion administration
once per week or as per the recommendation of doctor
30-45 min.129 €
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6x Vitamin C Infusion administration
once per week or as per the recommendation of doctor
30-45 min.189 €
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