Administering infusions in various health related issues.

Administering infusions in an outpatient way is an effective and comfortable way of treating illnesses. For many patients, this is more acceptable and suitable alternative to infusion treatment at the hospital.

The number of infusions depends on the doctor´s suggestion - usually 2 to 10. One infusion per day. The duration of the infusion intake is approximately 50 min.

How to proceed?

1. If your specialist recommended infusion treatment and you have your medical report with the indicated infusions available, please bring it with yourself. In such case there is no need of the prior examination at our clinic, just use our Order form to get an appointment for infusion treatment and select the option of “I have the referral from a specialist”.

2. If you have below medical conditions, but haven´t undergone an expert examination, prior to the infusion treatment you need to undergo the examination by the general practitioner at our clinic, after which you will be referred to an infusion therapy. In such a case, select the option of “I don´t have a referral from a specialist” in the order form. The price of examination is €20.
Infusion therapy services
Vitamin C - infusion treatment
Musculoskeletal system - infusion treatment
Vertiginous conditions - infusion treatment
Burnout conditions - infusion treatment
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