Do you suffer from various health issues? Have you visited many doctors not able to help you? Are you running in a vicious circle of going from one doctor to another without any improvement of your medical condition?

MEDANTE deals with chronic and acute conditions in a complex way using several effective treatment methods.

Would you like to try a “different” treatment, but cannot decide which would be the best?

At MEDANTE, besides other methods, we use:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Phytotherapy
  • Homoeopathy
  • The Journey Therapy
  • Nutritional Counselling
Have you heard of them but don´t know what specifically can you expect from these methods? That is where the entry consultation at MEDANTE comes useful, because we can advise and show you the path.

The entry consultation lasts 45 mins and the doctor is fully at your disposal. You will be able to discuss your health-related issues, they will inform you about the individual therapies that are the most suitable for your condition and explain the principles of the treatment. You can ask your questions related to particular therapies.

The entry consultation is for

  • everyone, who wants to solve their medical condition through holistic medicine
  • everyone, who wants to be certain about the suitability of the selected therapy in relation to their medical issue
  • everyone, who wants to solve their health issue permanently, i.e. eliminate its cause instead of just suppressing the symptoms.

The course and duration of the entry consultation

MEDANTE entry consultation is a discussion with a general practitioner experienced in the field of holistic medicine. Therefore, you may expect a professional perspective free from personal preferences for one of the therapies or procedures. Such an impartial professional opinion means the clinic doesn´t deem important which of the holistic therapies will help you in your healing process. More important is the fact that the whole process is set up so that it is beneficial for you and your unique nature as well as your possibilities to receive the selected treatment and resulted in healing.

Entry consultation output

The output of the entry consultation is the recommendation of the most suitable therapy or the combination of therapies as well as the treatment tailored individually for each client. In the end, it is you who makes the final decision which of the therapies works for you best.
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