An intensive mix of biologically active peptides (tetrapeptides, hexapeptides, Argireline) fills the intracellular space in the epidermal layer (even deeper when applied with dermapen). The resulting effect is filled, smooth skin with volume. Recommended for mature and ageing skin with deeper wrinkles or deep facial wrinkles. Applied using Inderm or dermapen once every 5 to 7 days repeatedly.

Dermabotexin has nothing to do with the toxic effect of Botox! It does not deaden the mimic nerves neither blocks the natural facial expression. The name follows from its effect of elasticity restoration, since the skin stops breaking at facial expressions and the full volume of the skin returns
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Katarína ŽužičováDermal Cosmetician
Price list: ANTI AGE - DERMABOTEXIN (+ peptides called BOTOLIFT)
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