AGESPOT - Pigmentation Stains Treatment

Professional treatment is focused on depigmentation of the skin damaged by UV radiation. Innovative technologies and active substances regulate melanogenesis, eliminate hyperpigmentation of the skin, lighten and unify natural skin tone.

Indications: hyperpigmentation, pigmentation stains (not older than 2 years), pigmented spots after various scars.

Contraindications: the treatment is not suitable for pigmentation stains older than 2 years, pigmental changes caused by hormonal changes, functional liver disorder.

Recommended frequency of professional treatment: For best results, we recommend taking at least 5 to 8 treatments every 7 days - depending on the condition of the skin.

Recommended Natinuel medical cosmetics products to enhance the effect of treatment: Cromage, Elisir.
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Katarína ŽužičováDermal Cosmetician
Price list: AGESPOT - Pigmentation Stains Treatment
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