Acne Skin Treatment

The treatment includes:
  • Microdermabrasion with the prior skin preparation with suitable enzymatic treatment
  • In-depth ultrasonic cleaning (up to 30 min.), every additional 15 min. - + €10 on top of the price.
  • Ozone therapy lasting for 10 min.
  • The application of a suitable product with anti-inflammatory, regenerative effect.
  • Advice on acne skin care at home, selection of the right products.
Acne skin treatment - we recommend 5 + 1 treatments intensively once every 7 to 10 days - 79 x 5 = €495 for 6 treatments (to be paid at once)

We recommend the treatment to be combined with TCM phytotherapy and dietetics.
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Katarína ŽužičováDermal Cosmetician
Price list: Acne Skin Treatment
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