We work with the cause and root of the problem, not with the superficial beauty flaws, we target the depth and essence. Our goal is always the integrity and health of the skin at all levels. We do not need to prick and cut right away, the skin has such a wonderful property that it only needs to supply its own, natural substances and it can cope with all sorts of influences, it can recover and start at any age. Therefore, at Medante we treat the skin using also Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics and Phytotherapy.

We use Natinuel brand – the products of medical quality, where the purity of raw materials and high concentration of active ingredients are guaranteed, and Vagheggi phytocosmetics guarantying the traditional recipes from Traditional Chinese phytotherapy.
Dermal cosmetics services
BASIC treatment and diagnosis
Acne Skin Treatment
Chemical Peeling
Atopic, Seborrheic, Hypersensitive Skin Treatment
Treatment of the Skin with Enlarged Blood Vessels (Cuperosis)
ANTI AGE - C vitamin with collagen
ANTI AGE - Retinol
AGESPOT - Pigmentation Stains Treatment
Healthy skin has amazing regeneration and self-healing abilities. When we treat it naturally and support its revitalization, we are capable of “magic”. I would not get there without understanding traditional Chinese medicine principles.
Katarína Žužičová
Dermal Cosmetician
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