Treatment of children

We treat whole families, so our patients´ kids are more than welcome at our surgery. We prefer the child to slowly familiarize themselves with the premises and staff prior to the oral cavity intervention. The age suitable for the first visit is around the age of 2 or 3. At such age the visit is short, the child might not even get to the dentist´s chair. The main point is to get to know the premises and have a positive memory. The child will always get encouraged by an appropriate award.

Afterwards, the child is invited for a preventive check-up every half a year.

It is important to realize that the responsibility for the oral health of young children is with their parents. Each parent should know when and how to take care of the child´s teeth and what instruments to use. We are happy to instruct you in this regard.

To eliminate the anxiety in the case of untreatable children and if parents agree, we may intervene using:
  • homoeopathy
  • herbs
  • medical intervention
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Price list: Treatment of children
Health insurance*
Pedodental procedures

Health insurance*: Prices applicable to insured patients who underwent preventive dental check-up previous year in any contracted (HIC) dental care. Medante Dental care is a contracted partner to all Slovak Health Insurance companies.

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