"For me as a dentist, the most important thing is to cause the least possible damage to the bone and surrounding structures. Meaning that when extracting the tooth, we will firstly relax the tooth and then extract using the pliers.”
MUDr. Andrea Andrejcová

Dr. Andrejcová performs all basic surgeries. The surgeries that are more complex, such as third molars (wisdom teeth) or teeth resections, will be performed at our surgery by an experienced dentoalveolar surgeon, Dr. Peter Grosch.

The replacement of missing teeth with the cutting-edge implants is also performed directly in our surgery.

The surgical part of the replacement is done by Dr. Richard Jurkovič, an expert in dental implants we cooperate with. Afterwards, the prosthetic finishing is performed by Dr. Andrejcová.
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Dr. Andrea AndrejcováDentist
Beáta BernolákováNurse
Price list: Surgery
Health insurance*
Surgical treatment
Simple extraction of permanent tooth or its root, including one anaesthesia
55 €50 €
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Separatory extraction of permanent tooth or its root, including one anaesthesia
90 €85 €
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Health insurance*: Prices applicable to insured patients who underwent preventive dental check-up previous year in any contracted (HIC) dental care. Medante Dental care is a contracted partner to all Slovak Health Insurance companies.

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