Prosthetic, reconstruction dentistry. Edelweiss veneer. Crowns. Bridgework. Occlusion reconstruction.

If your front teeth do not meet your aesthetic requirements and can no longer be resolved with preservative restorations, we have several options to beautify your smile.

In case you don´t have some of the back teeth, we also have several options in offer to get back the right occlusion and avoid many problems in the future. People are not aware of the fact, that one missing tooth, e.g. the first molar, can cause them many difficulties in the future. From the collapse of occlusion, temporomandibular joint and nape pain to hearing disorders.
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Edelweiss veneers

We offer a direct composite veneer system, the advantage of which is a minimal interference with hard dental tissues that do not have to be abraded at all.

Teeth abrasion is one of the things that discourages many people from their dream to have a nice smile, and that is why I was excited about this system, too. I completed a specialized training and received a certificate from the founder of this system, Stephen Lampl.” Dr. Andrea Andrejcová

The system originated in Austria and has been successfully used for over 10 years. Edelweiss veneers have a long-term aesthetically pleasing result, comparable to the life of porcelain crowns. The veneering system is suitable for incisors - anterior teeth as well as premolars and molars - posterior teeth. We can also correct the deformities of the teeth and some slight orthodontic deviations of the front teeth; in case you do not want to wear the braces.

Crowns, bridge

In the absence of a tooth and to avoid the abrasion of surrounding teeth, the fiberglass bridge offers an excellent solution. You will have it made in one session. It is a non-invasive option, a solution with a long life and a satisfying aesthetic result.

If it is necessary for the teeth to be abraded and protected with a crown or bridge, we offer several materials to be used. With these options, there is no problem changing the size and colour of the teeth even by a few shades.

Abrasion of one tooth - crown.

Bridging of the missing tooth, where we abrade surrounding teeth - bridge.

The options are as follows:
  • Metallic ceramics
  • Zirconium-ceramics
  • IPS E-max metal-free lithium disilicate ceramics: suitable for smaller bridging in the front section because it transmits light, has an aesthetically pleasing natural appearance.
In case we assess that the tooth needs to be replaced with an implant, we will recommend an experienced implantologist with whom we cooperate.

Occlusion reconstruction

With age, some people acquire the so-called low occlusion. It is a type of bite when the teeth are markedly abraded, worn off, eaten. Temporomandibular joint is in a wrong position and the vertical dimension of the teeth changes. Many such people also suffer from neck pain or migraines. One way to resolve this problem is to completely abrade all teeth and make porcelain teeth that are set to the required vertical dimension.

The Edelweiss system brings a new dimension to the treatment of such a problem. In the first step we produce the so-called splint that allows you to restore the position of your teeth and puts your temporomandibular joint in the right relaxed position. Patients talk about the elimination of migraines, joint and neck pains. After three months, the entire teeth order is reconstructed with Edelweiss veneers without the need of teeth abrasion.

Occlusion reconstruction - Occlusion VD

Medante specialists
Dr. Andrea AndrejcováDentist
Beáta BernolákováNurse
Price list: Prosthetic, reconstruction dentistry. Edelweiss veneer. Crowns. Bridgework. Occlusion reconstruction.
Health insurance*
Prosthetic treatmentDental prostheses
The impression of oral condition (alginate impression material)
20 €20 €
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The impression of oral condition (silicone impression material)
30 €30 €
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Adjustment of individual impression spoon and definite mucostatic impression (zinc oxide eugenol material)
10 €10 €
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Temporary splint improving the occlusion within the pre-prosthetic preparation of client
250 €250 €
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Spacer (more aesthetic, anti allergic Thermo-press material)
200 €200 €
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Health insurance*: Prices applicable to insured patients who underwent preventive dental check-up previous year in any contracted (HIC) dental care. Medante Dental care is a contracted partner to all Slovak Health Insurance companies.

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