Preventive dental care and hygiene

The baseline is the education and instruction on hygiene, dietary habits, setting the indexes pointing to the condition of your gums and the assessment of the oral cavity mucous membrane.

Preventive check-ups take place in half a year interval. This way we can assume the responsibility for your oral health. Clients keeping the six-month intervals do not pay for the check-ups.

Dental plaque is a reservoir of bacteria that cause bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease and periodontitis. The need to remove soft and hard deposits by ultrasound and curettes is individual for each patient. Recommended approximately every six months.

To remove non-aesthetic brown pigments on the enamel surface, we use sandblasting, the so-called Airflow.
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Medante specialists
Dr. Andrea AndrejcováDentist
Mgr. Dagmar KováčováDipl. Dental Hygienist
Beáta BernolákováNurse
Price list: Preventive dental care and hygiene
Health insurance*
Prevention and dental hygiene
Complete professional hygiene: curettage and ultrasonic removal of tartar + sanding of teeth + calcium paste application + local fluoridation (only for carious teeth and only in the adult persons after prior consultation) + instruction on home hygiene
70 €50 €
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Complete, professional hygiene in children: visualization of the dental plaque in mouth + instrumental cleaning of teeth + calcium paste application + instruction on home hygiene
45 €30 €
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Treatment of teeth with preventive paste - one set of teeth
15 €15 €
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Health insurance*: Prices applicable to insured patients who underwent preventive dental check-up previous year in any contracted (HIC) dental care. Medante Dental care is a contracted partner to all Slovak Health Insurance companies.

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