Complex entry dental examination

The required results need a thorough examination, diagnostics and planning. The more information you provide, not only about your mouth but also about your life-style, general health as well as previous experience with dentist, the better can our proposal leading to the future result and dental health be.

You will fill in a detailed questionnaire. Then, based on a thorough examination of your teeth, periodontal condition, oral cavity mucous membrane, conversation and the use of display techniques, we will plan your treatment. The cornerstone of our care is the individual and empathetic treatment. You will be given enough time to discuss the problem. Prior to the therapy, you will be informed about the price of the treatment you chose.
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Medante specialists
Dr. Andrea AndrejcováDentist
Beáta BernolákováNurse
Price list: Complex entry dental examination
Health insurance*
Preventive examination: if the client observes a six month recall
0 €0 €
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Preventive examination: if the client does not observe a six month recall
15 €15 €
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Targeted dental examination - the client referred by another doctor
20 €15 €
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Failure to cancel the appointment less than 24 hours before the planned visit
20 €20 €
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Treatment of patient in the conditions difficult for the doctor
10 €10 €
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Health insurance*: Prices applicable to insured patients who underwent preventive dental check-up previous year in any contracted (HIC) dental care. Medante Dental care is a contracted partner to all Slovak Health Insurance companies.

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