We are a modern, technologically progressive and minimally invasive dental care. We reflect upon the requirements and expectations of dental care patients.

We put an emphasis on prevention, both with children and adults. As for the materials, we seek technologies we consider to be the safest and the most bio-compatible for human body.

Our dental care is combined with natural treatment procedures, such as homoeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, healthy diet. Our team closely cooperates with the holistic medicine expert team at Medante.

Our motto is a pain-free treatment. We emphatically use all senses to eliminate fear - with children as well as adults. The problem and the procedure will always be explained to you. You can touch the instruments and the treatment will be performed only after you have obtained all information about it.

Our team is friendly, professional, passionate about compromise-free client focused care.
Dental services
Complex entry dental examination
Preventive dental care and hygiene
Teeth whitening
Preservative dental care - dental canal and caries treatment
Prosthetic, reconstruction dentistry. Edelweiss veneer. Crowns. Bridgework. Occlusion reconstruction.
Treatment of anxious clients
Treatment of children


Following the year-round practice at the cutting-edge orthodontics surgery, we can advise when, how and where to start the treatment. We focus on detection of orthodontic deviations at the earliest age possible and we can get you in touch with the orthodontists still working with the so called “night braces”. Thus, we can help you avoid fixed braces.

MEDANTE dental care partners with all medical insurance companies.

My goal is to treat my clients the way I would treat myself. It is important for me to provide you with a high standard of minimally invasive treatment, thus changing our frequently very negative experience with dentists to the positive.
Dr. Andrea Andrejcová
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