Gift your employees with the benefit profitable not only for them, but also for your company.
Happy and healthy employees are a prerequisite for a successful business!

Are there many “sick-leavers” in your company? Are your employees often sick? Is their immune system weak or do they suffer from chronic health issues? Frequent back pain or headaches?

And what happens with the business having people falling sick frequently or suffering from physical or mental issues? Their performance lowers and the quality of their work stagnates or is on the downgrade. In the end, it is your company that suffers due to stagnating of falling turnover and decreasing quality of the provided services.

And that your employees don´t have time for doctors? No problem! We will come to your place at agreed time and provide our services directly at your company!

Employee health care financing

In order to cover the health care of your employees, you may use (beside others) a Social Fund, whereby your cost will be minimized.

Social Fund

Each employer, i. e. a legal person with the registered office in the territory of the Slovak Republic or a natural person with the registered residence or registered office in the territory of the Slovak Republic employing an employee on the basis of employment agreement or similar agreement, is obliged to establish and run a social fund.
  • We will prepare for your company social plan as per your choice and in the amount suitable for you.
  • We will organise and provide the lectures, demonstrations of individual therapies, health issue consultations, all of it directly at your place.


  • One-time, six-month or annual benefits in the form of an employee discount card for selected serviced (prepared as per your individual needs)
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