Hight Blood Pressure Plan

But there is nothing wrong with me! I don´t feel any pain. Why should I stuff myself with the pills for the rest of my life? Is the risk of a heart attack or stroke really higher?
Maybe yes, maybe not. This depends mainly on you. Unless you change your life significantly, the probable answer is yes. However, if you decide to walk the path of change, it is our ambition to not to leave you alone and help you improve the quality of your life. In cooperation with our team of therapists, we have a complex plan prepared for you. You know what, we know how.
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Price list: Hight Blood Pressure Plan
Pack name
Medical service
Price in €
Visiting client
Price in €
Root client
High Blood Pressure Plan
Nutritional Counselling
Entry examination + check-up
90 €
90 €
Holter - 24 hour monitoring
40 €
20 €
Support psychotherapy
2x 50 min.
100 €
100 €
Lab tests
30 €
Discounted price
247 €
198 €


Visiting client - any patient who has not decided to become a Medante General Practitioner patient
Root client - patient whose health documentation is listed in Medante GP office

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